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Why Business Students Should Invest More In Their Sleep

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sleepy-studentThe world of business can be cutthroat.  It is no wonder then that many business students have to contend with difficult classes, long nights, and substantial workloads.  More often then not, one of the first things to go when a business student is pressed for time is sleep.  However, as research demonstrates again and again, sleep is one of the most important things you can get. Even something as simple as investing in a new mattress or mattress topper will help you have longer and higher quality sleep time. With that in mind, lets take a look at why business students should invest in their sleep.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Causes Mistakes

Even after a single night of poor sleep, you are significantly more prone to make mistake.  For example, making a mistake when talking can ruin a presentation.  Also, many questions found on tests are highly specific, requiring no mistake in the interpretation and problem solving required.  The more sleep you miss, the more mistakes you are going to make.  While some of these mistakes may not be that bad, others might cost you serious opportunities down the road.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Makes You Dumber

Along with increasing the chances of making mistakes, a lack of sleep slows down your response time, effectively making you dumber.  It will take you longer to come up with an answer, and longer still to justify why such an answer is what it is.  Along with slowing down your response time, a lack of sleep also slows down your reflexes.  It is for these reasons that a lack of sleep has often been compared to drinking alcohol in terms of its impairing effects on a person.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Creates Ill Health Effects

Continued lack of sleep increases your stress and can lead to higher blood pressure.  While not deadly by itself, missing a few nights of sleep can weaken your body, making it unable to fight off infections or sickness.  As a result, you may be find yourself sick more frequently, resulting in more down time.  In addition, a lack of sleep can damage your body over time as your internal organs will be working overtime without a rest.  So do your body some good and get to sleep!

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Increases Depression

While a lack of sleep does not directly create depression, it does increase the chances that you will experience depression.  For individuals with a predisposition towards depression or who are otherwise going through a challenging point in their lives, a lack of sleep can make entire days incredibly challenging thanks to depression.  Sometimes feelings of depression can be alleviated by taking a nap if there is not enough time to fully commit to going to sleep.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Ages Your Skin

Being a good businessperson means looking the part.  Through sleep loss, your skin ages quicker and looks aged.  You end up appearing less then healthy, which can affect business decisions when you meet people one on one.  Remember, the healthier, happier, and more alert you are, the better your chances are at pretty much everything in life.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Makes You Forgetful

Last but not least, a lack of sleep will make you more forgetful.  Along with having a slower response time and making mistakes, you will also be more forgetful until you recover that sleep.  Being forget is ok is some situation.  However, it can completely ruin you if you are taking an exam and cannot remember the answer you spent all last night studying for.  Along with increased levels of forgetfulness comes increased stress, anxiety, and frustration.

With these reasons in mind, do yourself a favour and get a good night sleep tonight.  Not only will your body thank you, but you will have more energy to meet the day head on.

What are the Alternatives to MBA?

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Alternatives to MBA

After the recession, the count of employees pursuing MBA degree has reduced. Nowadays, adult learners and professionals are looking for an affordable business education. They do not want to spend half of their earnings on education. They ensure to get an affordable and valuable education in a simple way. When they spend thousands of dollars to get their MBA degree, they may or may not progress in their career.

An MBA degree will serve as a highlight in their resume, and their appraisal and promotion will mostly depend on their performance. The educational degree will serve as a supporting factor to get a promotion. The fee for MBA program differs from one university to another. Some of the top business schools charge up to one hundred thousand dollars. If you are passionate and stubborn to do MBA in a top business school, then you need to look for loans and scholarship options.

What are the reasons to study MBA?

If the company provides tuition assistance program and pays for your higher degrees, then the employee would think about using the feature for studying an MBA program. As the degree is popular in the industry, it will remain helpful for getting a promotion or reaching advanced levels in the career. It helps in gaining essential business skills.

In some cases, the manager or team leader would be pushing the employee towards a new platform or want you to gain business skills. In such a situation, you would voluntarily study MBA in order to become equivalent to your team members. In some cases, the entire department in your workplace will have an MBA degree and you would be the only with a general Bachelors degree.

Alternatives to MBA

A certificate in finance, human resource, business management, etc.: If you want to get experienced in a particular management stream, then you can focus on that particular area, study and get a certificate.

Are you thinking about Business Education?

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Business Education

In the present scenario, everyone wants to be the boss or owner of a company. Are you one among them? Well, you need to gain business education to start, develop and grow your business. Some entrepreneurs reach a great level of success in their business without much formal education. But they would have sufficient experience and knowledge in their area of business. You have to know well that business is a long time journey with several uncertainties. It is hard to assume or take decisions in the business.

Sometimes, you may even feel whether what you are doing is right or wrong. When you have suitable educational qualification and knowledge with the latest tools and techniques, you can take a decision by using the tools. For example, the accounting software plays an important role in business. It is compulsory to have knowledge and experience in handling the software for a better and smooth flow of the business.

Businesses have become complex and intricate in recent days. If you want to make a profit in the modern world, you need to pursue a business program from a leading business school. During the course period, you will learn enough business tactics and business operations. There are several programs like Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration, Associate Degree, Business Certificate and Diploma programs and more.

You have to choose the right institute or university to pursue your degree. The business educators will teach the fundamentals and principles of sales, finance, investment, and marketing. Some of the best renowned business schools are located in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.