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Items Every Professional Must Have

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It is not easy entering the corporate world. You have just graduated and you are now a professional. You want to do well on your job. Before you focus on the actual job, you must look professional first. This is why it is important for you to have these items with you all the time.

Laptop. You can easily work on any task when you have your computer with you. Even if you are still job hunting, it becomes easier when you can search anywhere you want. In today’s time, your computer is already your workplace. Bring it with you all the time.

Smartphone. You can easily make phone calls, look for places and people, and have fun when you have your smartphone with you. Without one, you will surely feel incomplete. It is as if you have walked out of the house naked.

• Business card. You might also meet people along the way. It helps if you have a business card to introduce yourself. It is also a good conversation starter. If you are a young entrepreneur, this is your chance to look for potential investors. Use your business card wisely. It should have complete and accurate information about you.

• Makeup kit. This might sound crazy, but it should be in your bag all the time if you are a female. We live in a world where looks matter a lot. You have to look good and presentable all the time. Having a vanity kit in your bag could spell the difference between acceptance and rejection.

Right outfit. Of course, you can’t wear the same outfit that you used to wear in college. It is time to step things up and wear something more formal and professional. You are in a different environment now. Without the right outfit, you will never be treated as equal. People will think of you as a kid who is not yet ready for professional life. You should also buy the best shoes for doctors if you are in the medical profession.

Being a professional is difficult. You need to look like a professional, feel like a professional and work like a professional. It is a challenge, but you will just get used to it.

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What Are The Best Workouts For Busy Business People?

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What Are The Best Workouts For Busy Business PeopleAre you interested in finding a workout that fits your busy life. For millions of business people around the world and hundreds of thousands of business people who commute to and from the major cities in the UK, finding this workout is like finding the Holy Grail. While we can logically know that exercising is important, what is truly challenging is making the time for it and sticking with it. More often than not, we can get distracted by a bad day and put off exercising. Well, let’s take a moment to review the best workouts for busy business people. But first, let’s take a look at the 5 criteria that every workout should have to make it worth the time and energy that goes into it.

What You Will Want To Prioritize

1. Endurance

People living busy lives do not have that much time. One of the greatest health benefits from exercise comes from increasing your endurance level. Whether you go for a 2 hour run or take an hour long group exercise course, working on that endurance is critical to your continued health. Regardless of the workout you choose, it will have to stress a healthy level of aerobic activity. While anaerobic activity like weight lifting can be beneficial, stress aerobic if you are short on time and energy.

2. Intensity

Going hand in hand with endurance, the intensity of the workout is critical for creating a healthier body. Intensity in a workout should shift from low to high, with a few peaks worked into the mix. High intensity workouts get your heart pumping, increasing its strength and reducing the fatigue that comes with organs that do not receive exercise. Keep the intensity constantly changing and search for a workout that keeps you at a level just above struggling.

3. Scheduling

Even the best workout in the entire world is useless if it is poorly scheduled or infrequent. One of the best ways to stay motivated while exercising is to have the time for the class clearly scheduled ahead of time. Put it in your calendar, do not skip it, and then benefit from the results.

4. Effectiveness

How effective is the workout at making you feel tired and taxed? You should leave the workout feeling as if you have pushed your body. Any activity that requires less strenuous movement is not ideal if you only have a limited amount of time.

5. Longevity

How long will the workout be possible and long does it take you to recover from it? Does the workout involve a class that ends after a few weeks? Does the workout leave you sore for a few hours for a day, or longer? These are important factors to consider when scheduling time from your busy life to exercise.

Best Workouts For Busy People

1. Crossfit

High intensity, Crossfit is great if you are already in shape and want to push your body to the extremes. While this means Crossfit is not for everyone, it can be a great way to get your mind off of a busy day.

2. Spinning

Spinning is the low impact choice for individuals looking to get into better shape. Requiring a class or an at home cycle, spinning makes up for the low impact nature of the exercise by stressing endurance. Again, while it can be quite beneficial, it is not for everyone.

3. Zumba

Zumba is the best of both worlds. Providing a low impact way to stay healthy, Zumba can be engaged at any level of fitness. It includes music, dance, and aerobatics all into a single workout session. Popular all over the UK, Zumba is the clear winner when it comes to the best workouts for busy people. Consider finding a class near you today, work it into your schedule, invest in a good pair of Zumba shoes, and be amazed at how much better you feel throughout the week.

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Increase Your Mental Performance in Class through Exercise

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Increase Your Mental Performance in Class through ExerciseThere are a wide range of reasons to be physically active – reduce the chance of diseases such as diabetes and stroke, reduce blood pressure and heart disease, lose weight and even prevent depression. However, there may be one reason for getting off the couch that you have not even thought about: getting rid of that nasty brain fog and charge your brain through exercise.

Researchers at a study at the University of British Columbia recently found that aerobic exercise, which gets your heart beating, can improve the size of your hippocampus, the part of your brain which is involved in learning and memory. Other types of training that do not involve aerobic exercise such as balance and muscle toning did not have the same effect. With dementia on the rise globally, this finding is more important than ever.

How Exercise Helps the Brain

Exercise has long been known to help your brain in a number of ways – by reducing inflammation and insulin resistance, and by stimulating the growth factors or chemicals in the brain that affect brain cells and their overall health, an improvement in the growth of blood vessels and even a growth in the number of new brain cells.

Exercise can even improve sleep (very important for business students!) and moods by a reduction in anxiety and stress levels. Several of these factors can lead to depression or cognitive impairment if they are neglected. Studies suggest that the prefrontal cortex (thinking area of the brain) and the medial temporal cortex (memory area of the brain) are larger when people exercise than when they do not. Engaging in regular exercise over a period of six months or greater can even increase the volume of the brain, as shown in recent studies.

Mental functioning may be directly controlled by certain proteins known as brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF), which directly promote the health of nerve cells. A recent study that followed young male college students with a sedentary lifestyle who tried a test both before and after 30 minutes of exhaustive aerobic exercise provides even more insight into this theory. A control set of students did not exercise and did not show this increase in brain proteins, and did approximately the same on the second set of tests as they did on their first tests – while the students in the study group who performed the thirty minutes of exercise did significantly better on the memory test after they had performed the exercise.

How Can You Test This Theory?

Just start exercising! That is the best way to see if the benefits of exercise are as great as they seem to be, just getting started is the hardest part. Not a huge amount of exercise is required, just about 120 minutes of moderately intense exercise per week, which can be broken down into a series of half an hour five days a week, or most of the days per week. Adding just a few minutes a day can help you see big gains while you work towards the goal of 120 – 150 minutes per week of moderately tiring exercise. If walking is not your favorite thing to do, consider trying something new like riding a mountain bike around campus, tennis, running, swimming, or even dancing or stair climbing or yoga. Any of these activities will get your heart pumping and your blood moving – even things as simple as raking the leaves, mopping your floor – anything that makes you break out in a light sweat shows that you are getting the job done.

No matter you exercise of choice, pick something and get moving! Even if you do not love what you are doing, keep trying different activities and combinations of activities until you find something that you can enjoy that will make you feel good about yourself – and feel even better knowing that you are staving off dementia and helping yourself be the best and brightest that you can be.

Why students are loving self-balancing scooters to get around campus

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campusIf you’ve spent any amount of time whatsoever on a college campus recently, the odds are pretty good that you’ve noticed a big chunk of the student body cruising around on top of what can only be described as hoverboards.

And though these hoverboards have wheels (as opposed to the one that Marty McFly was cruising around on in the year 2015 in Back to the Future), they are just as fun, just as exciting, and probably a lot more practical for commuting across larger campuses.

Students in general have been snapping up this advanced technology left and right, and taking advantage of all the benefits that they have to offer. If you’re looking to dive headfirst into the world of self balancing scooters but aren’t quite sure of whether or not they’re going to help you around campus, you’ll want to check out the reasons why so many students are using them already and see if they fit your needs!

Effortless transportation to and from class

You aren’t going to be able to find terribly many students that get excited about having to walk clear across campus, especially if they’ve been out the night before.

Classes today can be situated halfway across a campus or more, and that usually means a walking commute of 15 to 20 minutes – if not even longer than that. Some of it is going to be upheld, some of it is going to be inconvenient, and some of it is going to really where the students out.

On the back of a self balancing scooter, however, all of that headache and hassle goes right out the window. All you have to do is lean this way and that, and the self balancing scooter will get you there without any extra effort at all.

Reduce your commute time by two or three times

Not only is it going to be effortless for you to commute across your campus with a self balancing scooter, but it’s also going to be a lot faster!

With one of these scooters underneath your feet, you are going to be able to fly across the campus two or three times faster than you would have been able to alone, and that means that you will never going to have to worry about being late for a test or lecture ever again.

You really can’t beat the convenience of the self balancing scooters, and you’ll draw a bit of favourable attention on top of it!

Why Business Students Often Turn To Coffee

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coffee-studentEvery year, countless students from around the world push themselves to meet class deadlines.  And, whether or not the end goal is a presentation, paper, or talking event, staying up to reach those tough deadlines can be a grueling process.  Business students in particular are often hit with tough deadlines in their classes, leading to many long nights of research, study, and practice.  A powerful tool for these students is coffee.

The Role Of Coffee In Education

Coffee has a long history in education.  As business students need stimulants to help stay up late and get work done, coffee is a popular choice.  Significantly better for you then energy drinks, which have a range of chemicals, artificial sugars, and flavours, coffee is relatively innocuous.  It can be purchased from cafes located in student centres as well as in businesses in and around schools.  It can also be easily made and prepared using a coffee machine, if you wish to purchase one to help you then check out the reviews online.

Coffee is also very popular among adults, providing a range of opportunities for students to try it as well.  When business students are looking for energy, it is really easy to hear of coffee and try it out.  Once a person starts, they form a minor addiction to the caffeine, resulting in headaches if the person stops.  However, with the benefit of keeping people awake, it is no wonder that coffee is as popular as it is.  When business students have tough deadlines to meet, coffee is there.

Why Business Students Should Invest More In Their Sleep

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sleepy-studentThe world of business can be cutthroat.  It is no wonder then that many business students have to contend with difficult classes, long nights, and substantial workloads.  More often then not, one of the first things to go when a business student is pressed for time is sleep.  However, as research demonstrates again and again, sleep is one of the most important things you can get. Even something as simple as investing in a new mattress or mattress topper will help you have longer and higher quality sleep time. With that in mind, lets take a look at why business students should invest in their sleep.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Causes Mistakes

Even after a single night of poor sleep, you are significantly more prone to make mistake.  For example, making a mistake when talking can ruin a presentation.  Also, many questions found on tests are highly specific, requiring no mistake in the interpretation and problem solving required.  The more sleep you miss, the more mistakes you are going to make.  While some of these mistakes may not be that bad, others might cost you serious opportunities down the road.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Makes You Dumber

Along with increasing the chances of making mistakes, a lack of sleep slows down your response time, effectively making you dumber.  It will take you longer to come up with an answer, and longer still to justify why such an answer is what it is.  Along with slowing down your response time, a lack of sleep also slows down your reflexes.  It is for these reasons that a lack of sleep has often been compared to drinking alcohol in terms of its impairing effects on a person.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Creates Ill Health Effects

Continued lack of sleep increases your stress and can lead to higher blood pressure.  While not deadly by itself, missing a few nights of sleep can weaken your body, making it unable to fight off infections or sickness.  As a result, you may be find yourself sick more frequently, resulting in more down time.  In addition, a lack of sleep can damage your body over time as your internal organs will be working overtime without a rest.  So do your body some good and get to sleep!

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Increases Depression

While a lack of sleep does not directly create depression, it does increase the chances that you will experience depression.  For individuals with a predisposition towards depression or who are otherwise going through a challenging point in their lives, a lack of sleep can make entire days incredibly challenging thanks to depression.  Sometimes feelings of depression can be alleviated by taking a nap if there is not enough time to fully commit to going to sleep.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Ages Your Skin

Being a good businessperson means looking the part.  Through sleep loss, your skin ages quicker and looks aged.  You end up appearing less then healthy, which can affect business decisions when you meet people one on one.  Remember, the healthier, happier, and more alert you are, the better your chances are at pretty much everything in life.

  1. A Lack Of Sleep Makes You Forgetful

Last but not least, a lack of sleep will make you more forgetful.  Along with having a slower response time and making mistakes, you will also be more forgetful until you recover that sleep.  Being forget is ok is some situation.  However, it can completely ruin you if you are taking an exam and cannot remember the answer you spent all last night studying for.  Along with increased levels of forgetfulness comes increased stress, anxiety, and frustration.

With these reasons in mind, do yourself a favour and get a good night sleep tonight.  Not only will your body thank you, but you will have more energy to meet the day head on.

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